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My Story

I am a qualified Personal/Business Coach an accreditation gained at The Coaching Academy. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation. I have over 30 years business experience working with a cross sector of clients (large & small) in a variety of industries both in the UK and overseas. With my corporate background managing and leading teams, I have experienced what it’s like developing and mentoring teams, dealing with conflict, appraising individuals, celebrating and sharing success. I always meet with any potential clients beforehand to explain my coaching process and to make sure we both feel comfortable and that the relationship feels right. It’s only then we talk through potential goal setting and if in a business environment, aligning goals with both the individual and the business. I don’t like to over complicate with a keep it simple attitude. I understand the same approach does not fit all, some clients just like to talk to relieve pressure, some like to go away and try new techniques in a safe environment and some may wish to look at parking limiting beliefs. My coaching is not scripted, and my personality ensures we will have fun during our coaching sessions.

Dont just take my word for it.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the quality delivery and support that you, on behalf of Shurety Coaching have provided to the department.
Our family-wide future leaders programme has been successfully launched, participating organisations, mentors and suppliers all well informed and given individual support to make the most of the programme.
What began as an idea that might remain only that has been brought to reality despite many challenges.
Anne Copeland, Director of Human Resources


Business/Personal 1-1 Coaching

It’s all about a total focus on my client. Their issues, their reality and their goals. My approach is simple, the value of coaching. I adopt an insightful and perceptive approach, challenging and supporting appropriately through focussed, meaningful conversation. It is the coach’s deep listening and incisive questioning which in turn enables a client to make sense of their own thoughts to reach confident actions and help them navigate their way through challenging decisions.

During your coaching experience, you will get to grips with what confidence really is, I will help to create a safe environment to be creative learn new skills and techniques and uncover limiting beliefs or fears that have been holding you back and allows you to set goals that make you feel great.

Team Coaching

Do your teams strive for excellence or could you be unwittingly tolerating mediocrity? Teams and how to get the best from them is often a conundrum in business. Whether changing markets, transformation, customer issues, moving goal posts or changes to internal team members, the team needs to be flexible and collaborative to be able to perform. I work with teams to raise their performance bar, to understand what good looks like in their context and how to win together. I create an environment that is safe and where everybody in the room has a voice. I explore the impact individuals have in the team and link learning and the developing team processes to real business goals and outcomes.

The Business Athlete

I have developed the concept of ‘Business Athlete’ following feedback from many of my clients and my own client mix of business and sport, drawing on my experience as a qualified rugby coach from the RFU Coach Education Programme. Within the ‘Business Athlete’ coaching, I introduce clients to coaching techniques, drawn from the competitive world of sport. In essence, the need to perform at the best possible level is commonly driven by competition, there is no room in either business or sport to stand still you need continuous learning, development and growth. Coaching is recognised in sport as an essential role and business is now beginning to learn that some of these techniques are transferable. The role of manager/leader in business has to be geared towards getting the best out of people and teams; therefore, the role of the coach is an important tool.

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