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Head of HR, Pilat Media Ltd

I have used Shurety Coaching on a number of occasions and always found them to be excellent.

Most recently Danny provided us with team facilitation, coaching and training sessions focussing on improving collaboration between our teams. All the sessions were specifically tailored to the needs of our organisation and provided practical solutions to the issues we were facing.

Danny is professional, experienced and has made each session interesting and enjoyable.

Director of HR, Department for Education

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the quality delivery and support that you, on behalf of Shurety Coaching have provided to the department.

Our family-wide future leaders programme has been successfully launched, participating organisations, mentors and suppliers all well informed and given individual support to make the most of the programme.

What began as an idea that might remain only that has been brought to reality despite many challenges.

Private Client

Dear Jo,
Well, what a transformation you’ve helped me to make!
As you know I’ve struggled with my weight for years, losing motivation with calorie counting and endless other methods.
Your approach was simple and it worked!
What I love about it is that you enabled me to understand, easily, how my body used foods and how my mood and weight are impacted by what I eat. A few adjustments later and not only have I lost weight, I’ve kept it off.
An unexpected benefit is that I’m also sleeping better.
But the best moment of all was easily fitting into a size ‘small’ cashmere sweater for Christmas (& it still fits!)
Thank you so much – these changes are permanent.

Managing Director, ELSA

Danny is an amazingly energetic and enthusiastic supporter of youth and adult development.  He is caring and compassionate in everything that he does, as well as an incredibly talented, experienced and inspirational individual.  His nature is ‘encouraging of all’.

Danny listens and considers when mentoring, providing options and thoughts.  I always leave sessions with Danny feeling empowered, reflective, energized and valued,

He is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, but not stuffy, with a superb sense of humor and also great fun!

People very much warm to Danny, and I feel very privileged indeed to be in partnership with him.

Recruitment Director

Shurety Coaching has worked with us for a number of years delivering training sessions with our teams and coaching individuals to assist with their development as team leaders.

Danny draws on his real world business experience which makes his approach insightful, thorough and relevant to the real business challenges our team face. Danny’s ability to gain trust quickly and uncover relevant issues enables progression in a short time-frame which in turn delivers results in the workplace.

We see Danny as a long-term friend of our business who continues to add value and assists us in creating a high-performance culture.

Business Leader, PwC

I have been in my role for nearly four years and had reached a crossroads. Having sought advice within the firm I was conscious I lacked an objective perspective and needed a conduit to help me consider core skills and values and determine next steps, without judgement. Danny helped me take ownership of my short and long term goals which built my self-confidence and broke down the imaginary barriers to both my personal and professional development. I found the whole process incredibly empowering.

Director, Santander

I highly recommend Danny Shurety as a coach. He made me feel comfortable during our coaching sessions which allowed me to express myself and question my own actions in a way I had not been able to previously.

Danny has been a tremendous asset to me and would not hesitate to work with him again.

Chief Executive Officer, DHK Legacy Trust

The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust started just over a year ago and we needed to make the links with the right people early on who could make things happen with us.

Shurety Coaching has been a great supporter and a very useful contact for us, thank you!

Private Client

As a busy Mum of two small children, I was finding it difficult to lose the baby weight which was having a knock on effect on other areas of my health and wellness. Jo’s easy manner and extensive knowledge made me think of my diet in a different way. She taught me how to take control and make healthy eating a new way of life which could fit into my schedule.

I really appreciated that there was no definitive set plan and that Jo will tailor her advice to what works for your you. With Jo as a mentor and coach you feel she is on your side which is the best boost to your confidence to succeed. Thanks to Jo my health is now on track and I accomplished my goals.

Business Unit Director, Banking

I have worked with Danny for three years and I am extremely grateful for the coaching and guidance he has provided me. Danny’s style is very measured and calm, taking the time to get to know you, both professionally and personally.  Danny gains an understanding of what your short and long term life/business goals are. Following on from this, he helped me develop achievable goals to focus on, with considered guidance along the way.

The coaching journey with Danny has been fantastic. He has helped me to focus on the areas I needed to improve on, supported me all the way which has enabled me to progress my career as well as help me achieve my personal goals. Getting started with coaching can be intimidating and a leap into the unknown, Danny makes this extremely easy and it is surprising how quickly you can really see a difference.  I am extremely grateful to Danny for all his help.

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