Here’s your team – it’s delivered a great project, on time and on budget – sure there were a few bumps in the road – the client was challenging, there were some extra hours and few weekends and late nights – but they got there. Great, right? Of course, that’s great no question, but at what else? How does that team feel at the end? Are they burnt out, disengaged, looking for another role that doesn’t have that personal impact, or energised and ready to go again? How often is this asked at the end of a project, considered during or planned for at the beginning? The human impact!

Deadlines, challenges, change, delays are all things a team considers as risks on any project, but what about themselves? Is there health and wellness not a risk as well – surely it must be?

With Team-well we put this firmly on the agenda – not something to skirt around, to just accept may slide or deal with at the end, because guess what – the next project is ready to start, and that high achieving, talented employee may not be!
So, here’s your team – it delivered a great project, on time and on budget – the team managed their time and workloads efficiently, they were productive, responsive and resilient. Sure, there were a few late nights, but they planned for those – managed them and recovered/supported each other so that at the end of the project they weren’t burnt out – and ready for the next one!

Team-well puts the resilience and wellness of any team as a key strategic priority – because it HAS to BE!
If you are interested in our ‘Team-well’ programme, then please contact Joanna