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Danny Shurety

I have been a qualified Coach for 20 years. Previously, I had 15 years business experience working with a cross sector of clients in a variety of sectors both in the UK and overseas.


I come from a mainly corporate background where I managed teams and experienced what it is like to develop and mentor teams, dealing with conflict, appraising individuals, celebrating and sharing success.

Whilst I enjoyed mentoring and coaching, I sometimes felt constrained in the environments I worked in so took certain steps which led to me setting up my own business and becoming a fully qualified coach.

My focus is building long-term relationships and I am proud to have developed many repeat and long-term clients. I aim to be flexible in the service provided and to ensure that the best solution is identified for you the client.

1-2-1 Coaching

If you have tried to make improvements but struggle making change, perhaps coaching is for you.

Reaching any goal set by yourself will always feel like a great sense of achievement. However, sometimes things happen, the goal becomes distant and in certain cases you fall short of achieving. I will focus on behaviour rather than knowledge, and guidance and support rather than prescription.

Getting started with coaching can be intimidating and a leap into the unknown. I create an environment where my clients feel comfortable and allows them to express themselves and question their own actions in a way they had not been able to previously.

How it works

Before we begin the coaching journey, we will have two meetings.

The first would be an introduction. Find out more about each other, build rapport, and for you to ask questions about the coaching process so you feel comfortable and confirm coaching is for you.

The second meeting is more around what you want to achieve from coaching and goal setting.

If you are working within a business, there would be a third meeting with your Line Manager to align goals. It is important the business is aligned with your goals as the coaching sessions between you and I are confidential.


Business Leader PwC

“I’ve been in my role for nearly four years and had reached a crossroads. Having sought advice within the firm I was conscious I lacked an objective perspective and needed a conduit to help me consider core skills and values and determine next steps, without judgement. Danny helped me take ownership of my short and long term goals which built my self-confidence and broke down the imaginary barriers to both my personal and professional development. I found the whole process incredibly empowering.”

Project Director, Banking Sector

“Over the last 3 years, Danny has taught me a great deal as an outstanding professional coach. His structured, highly attentive and reflective approach has supported me greatly in developing myself and achieving my goals over this time.

Danny draws on his deep experience, knowledge, and tools that have provided insight, logic and coaching prowess that has been hugely beneficial to me.

I highly recommend Danny. My time with him has been one of the most important investments in my professional development to date. I’m immensely thankful and fortunate to have had Danny as a coach.”

Team Coaching

We all want our teams to collaborate, communicate, respect and achieve the best results possible together. Its also ok for a Manager to set expectations of their team and in turn for the team to set expectations of their Manager.

I work with teams to raise their performance bar, look to understand what good and bad look like in context and how to win together. I look to create an environment that is safe and where everybody in the room has a voice. I explore the impact individuals have in the team and link learning and the developing team processes to real objectives and who in the team will be accountable. Once the objectives have been achieved, my relationship with the team is ongoing so if new goals and timescales need to be set the process can be repeated.


Banking Sector Client

My time with Danny has been a fantastic journey. Looking back at my notes from when I first met him almost 3 years ago, I can recall myself as someone who was fairly unconfident in my own ability, working alongside peers with significantly more experience than myself, with no professional profile and in all honesty was someone who found the concept of coaching an awkward one. Danny instinctively established a style of coaching that worked for me to feel relaxed and open up, so he could quickly work out the areas he could help me with, and he has done just that. From Danny’s guidance, suggestions, support and willingness to dive into the detail of my circumstances he has been able to guide me to a much better place within my career. I have now achieved everything I couldn’t articulate I needed when I first met Danny and he is continuously pushing me to achieve my potential, that I now believe I have, and is recognised within my organisation through Danny’s coaching and the action I have taken off the back of this. Add on to that his enthusiasm to step in to run team sessions and he has also helped not just me achieve personally, but through my team as well, and he is now also working with a number of those colleagues one-to-one. I look forward to continuing to work with Danny and am excited to see what I can achieve with his continued support.”

Head of HR, Pilat Media

I have used Shurety Coaching on a number of occasions and always found them to be excellent.

Most recently Danny provided us with team facilitation, coaching and training sessions focussing on improving collaboration between our teams. All the sessions were specifically tailored to the needs of our organisation and provided practical solutions to the issues we were facing.

Danny is professional, experienced and has made each session interesting and enjoyable.”

Shurety Coaching

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