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As coaches we have a shared passion for seeing our clients achieve.  Its why we do what we do.  Whilst we have our own individual clients we have been able to work together on a number of projects, something we plan to continue.

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We love what we do, that’s a given… so rather than bore you with some salesy pitch, we thought we’d shake it up with some insight into us!

Favourite place you have visited

Dan – Australia.  In the early 90’s I travelled around Australia. I loved how it was geared to the outdoors and the climate.  I met some great people who are still friends today.

Jo – San Francisco – we went in 2004.  We visited family and did a fair bit of tourist stuff but also drove coastal to Lake Tahoe, where we gate-crashed a bikers wedding and kayaked on the lake (not in the same day).  We also flew over to Vegas for a few crazy days.

Favourite sport

Dan – I like so many sports but having played from a very early age up until retirement at 40… its got to be rugby.  My passion remains to this day as I am Head Coach for my Son’s rugby team.  I have my Level 2 RFU coaching qualification and would one day love to coach a senior team. I have also developed a passion for Basketball recently as my Son plays in the National League.

Joanna – Dan has introduced me to rugby which I do love watching (I manage Sam’s team), but a sport that I grew up with is Horse Racing.  I had family that were on-course bookmakers and we often went racing as kids.  I still follow the racing and love a day out at Goodwood.  Dan and I now have a share in a racehorse which brings its own joy.

Favourite tipple

Dan – 20 years ago whilst still playing rugby it would have been Guinness.  However, as time as gone on I am more partial to a nice red wine.

Joanna – I’m going for a G&T.  I like a flavoured Gin such as rhubarb or raspberry with a nice elderflower tonic (and some fruit if I’m feeling fancy).


Best thing you have done together

Dan – Venice.  I took Jo there as a surprise for her 30th.  I only told her where we were going when we got to the airport.  We spent 3 days immersed in the food, culture and tourist hot-spots (including a gondola ride).  Sitting outside with a glass of red, people watching is a perfect day for me!

Joanna – El Celler de Can Roca.  I’m a fan of Masterchef and I saw this restaurant on an episode.  I made the comment that I’d love to go one day.  As a birthday treat, Dan took me.  We flew out early am and had lunch and returned the same day stuffed!  I also got a tour of the kitchens – one of the top places I’ve ever eaten.

Favourite food

Dan – Depending on my mood (sometimes that means comfort food such as a good pie), but if I had to choose then a good piece of fresh fish would be up there.  Travelling in Australia got me introduced to so many different types and I often opt for sea-bass on the menu.

Joanna – Italian, all day long.  I love everything about the eating culture of Italy, the different courses, the colour and variety of food, plus the puddings!  A good seafood risotto is up there, and when we went to Sardinia a few years ago I really indulged in so many regional dishes.


Causes Close to our Hearts


Both Jo and Danny have been involved with E.L.S.A since it’s inception 5 years ago. Jo gives her time as a business volunteer and Danny is a Director. As a community interest company, ELSA places greater emphasis on social skills, life skills and empowering young people to realise their potential. ELSA works with all young people both in mainstream and specialist education.


When our son Sam was born 12 years ago, we decided to contact SOS Children’s Village and sponsor a young child Sam’s age who lives in a village in Jaipur. Sam and the young child exchange letters to each other on their news and we also make regular donations to help keep the child safe and help with his education and upbringing.

Age UK

During the pandemic, it made Jo think about elderly people on their own and isolated and how damaging loneliness can be. She now volunteers some time each week as part of their befriending service.

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