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After an 18 year career in HR I needed a change.  I was tired, a little burnt out and unsure as to what was next career-wise.  My passion for well-being really led me to qualifying as a Health Coach and following that love to change career completely.  I still get to work with wonderful HR people and business leaders, but my role is now to support their well-being strategies, or for individuals to achieve their best health.

My focus is to take the ‘good intentions’ of well-being and really transform them into action so companies and individuals realise the benefits and rewards of their efforts.


Driving lifestyle change through leading edge data and transformational coaching

Whether you want to support your employees with their well-being or want to make lifestyle changes yourself, I offer a powerful mix of data and coaching so we can identify what is going to make the biggest impact to well-being and then provide support where needed.  We will focus mainly on behaviour change rather than knowledge, and guidance and support rather than prescription.  My approach is all about unlocking what works for YOU or your business.

121 Coaching – Unlock what works for you

Daily life can at times feel overwhelming.  There can be a lot to juggle – work, family, social, home etc.  We can find ourselves trying to do too many things perfectly and failing!  It can leave us drained and demoralised.

What we do for ourselves helps us manage these times, yet this is often what gets dropped in the long line of priorities.  If that is you, then you know that eventually something will suffer, sleep, mood, energy, motivation…. And you don’t want that, it’s not way to live and its certainly not good for your career, relationships, mental or physical health.


How Well-being Coaching works

  • Free discovery call so we can agree if this is for you, and you are the right client for me.
  • 5-day Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment – we start by seeing the effects of your daily choices on your stress management, movement, and sleep.
  • 8 x 1-hour personal coaching sessions – where the magic happens. This is YOUR time to tackle and deal with your challenges, blockers and work towards your goals, plus we get to celebrate those all-important wins.
  • Education – I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and so at times I may get you to try some tools and techniques to help you on your way.


One-to-one client

“Little by little, I was making changes and feeling empowered by my successes.  Little by little, my mindset was changing and I was adjusting my daily habits and routines.  However, nothing felt forced or fake.  Nothing felt temporary.  Every change I was making was achievable and more importantly sustainable”

One-to-one client

“Her approach is kind, caring and sensitive.  She made me laugh, she made my cry (tears of happiness) and most importantly she helped me resolve all of the issues that I had around food, drink and exercise.  She helped me in ways that I never knew I needed, and she did it in such a subtle way that the end result crept up on me without me even realising. 

For the first time in 44 years, I love who looks back at me in the mirror, and for that I am incredibly grateful to Joanna. 

I know that anyone that works with Joanna will never regret it.  It is life changing and I feel extremely blessed that I got the opportunity.”

Company Well-being

Achieve your well-being strategy using a powerful mix of leading-edge technology to engage and transformational coaching to see the change.

Elevate your well-being activities to make stress, sleep, movement, and recovery visible in an impactful way, then support employees make those changes towards a full and balanced life.

What are the benefits?

  • Using Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment:
    • Over 300,000 employees have felt the benefit of Firstbeat
    • 92% improved their well-being
    • Over 80% increased work efficiency
    • 30% decrease in sick days
  • Company-level insight to identify risks and inform well-being strategy, support and spend.
  • Optimise the impact of your well-being activities.
  • Employees understand the effects of daily choices and make focused improvements.
  • Additional support for those employees who want and need it.
  • Boost efficiency, reduce health costs, build resilience in employees.
  • Create an energised, caring and engaged work environment.

How it works

  • 5-day Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment – Personal HRV sensor reports on sleep, recovery, stress and exercise giving employees valuable insight to set focused goals.
  • Company-level Reporting – Providing key data to identify themes and trends.
  • Individual Coaching – For those employees that want and need additional support. 
  • Group Coaching Program – Success without the Stress (10-15 participants)
    • 1/2 day workshop
    • Individual 5-day Lifestyle Assessment (Firstbeat)
    • Individual Feedback and Goal Setting Session
    • 2 hour group feedback and next steps session
    • Group level data and insight for the company
  • Strategic Support – For some of my companies, where to start is a massive blocker for supporting employee wellness.  I can work with you to help shape your strategy and find what is going to work for your business.



Martin Roberts, Mental Health Lead, Group Transformation,
Lloyds Banking Group

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Jo. I have brought her in a few times to support teams within Group Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group and she really does make a difference. Jo brings in new ideas and concepts and does so in a natural, caring and empathetic way.”

Company Talk attendee

“I just wanted to say the presentation today with Jo was brilliant, I have really been struggling with sleep recently so I will definitely be putting in place some of the top tips and recommendations discussed!”

Richard Warren, Director
Cambridge Pixel

“I am happy to say that we were very pleased with the professional service you gave and the talk was well received by all that attended.  The suggestions for small, every day actions included ideas that everyone can incorporate into their normal routine to make life just a little less manic.”


“I knew my sleep was rubbish. I often woke up tired, struggled to get to sleep and generally was done by the end of the week. I knew it but I didn’t know what to do about it and if I’m honest, my daily life often felt like a struggle.

I met Joanna at a talk she did at my company and what she said struck a cord, it made me think that maybe if I got some help I could improve things, and boy did it!

Doing the Firstbeat Assessment gave me some really interesting insight into my sleep and also my day and over the following 8 weeks we worked on lots of stuff! I found some tools and techniques that really worked for me (I was a little cynical if I’m honest!).

I know sleep 100% better, I can’t quite believe how horrible I felt before and how I got through the day. What I also have is a knowledge of what works for me so when life gets a little overwhelming I can make them a priority.

My day is better, I’m less grumpy, I have more motivation and I feel so much more balanced…. Thank you.”


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