If your on a health kick, Christmas may fill you with dread. All that food and drink to navigate, and let’s face it you want to enjoy yourself.
On many occasions what’s on offer my also be out of your hands.
So, some practical tips to ensure you enjoy yourself without too much impact on your health goals…
1. Eat before you go to parties – have a drink and some nibbles, but if your full you’ll likely eat less.
2. Watch those nibbles!  Many of these foods are highly processed and heavy on the calories. They are also easy to eat without measure so be mindful.
3. Show some restraint and don’t be bullied into eating.  If you have a mince pie, or a few chocolates, stop. If people put pressure on you to have another then stick to your guns and get used to saying ‘no’. It’s your body and you have to deal with the consequences.
4. Enjoy yourself. Give yourself permission to cut loose a couple of nights if you want during the festive period but follow your healthy eating the rest of your time.
5. Don’t let the bad habits creep back in. If you want a blowout have it, but get back on track after so that’s the exception rather than the norm.
6. Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water, especially when drinking alcohol, this will help eliminate toxins and keep your blood sugars balanced – reducing those cravings!