At what point are your needs to ensure self preservation important??

During this year I have worked with clients at different stages of this visual – and I guess the simple answer is as far to the left as possible! However, those signs of burnout and stress can really easily creep up on you, they can be subtle and before you know it, difficulty sleeping, low energy, poor concentration, low tolerance become more than just a ‘bad week’! But, its never too late, although the further along you travel the harder it can be to find the motivation, energy and ability to fit those ‘self care’ habits in.

Now the holiday period is over, many are returning to normality after having a break or enjoying the slightly quieter period – take some time to fit those things in that counter your stress, that give you the outlet and recharge from the ‘busy’ – the earlier you build them in, the easy they are to become the habits that are just part of your day, your week, YOU!

Always happy to talk if you need some help, just reach out!