Making change can be hard sometimes – life just gets in the way of what you want to do – or other more important things take priority. I find, with my coaching clients that if we can work towards consistently achieving – even if it’s the smallest thing, then that opens the opportunity for more!

So, why should we focus on this rather than anything else? Well, simple… if you master something that moves you towards the health you want, and it becomes a good habit, you’ll find benefit in it and therefore want more of that feeling!
Today, many of us want fast results… restriction with food, intensive bursts of exercise over a few weeks (I’m thinking any New Year’s resolution that gets broken by Feb probably fits into this section!) and want fast success and results. But our bodies don’t always play ball and so, if we don’t see those results, we give up. I think this focus is completely wrong, and here’s why. Sure, eat little, exercise lots – you should see results, but in the long run, if that’s not sustainable, you will crave another way.

• Focus on what you can realistically do (consistently) and do that well – if you can swim once a week, or start by drinking more water, then do that well… recognise the benefits and then move to what next.
• Consistency makes the job easier with change. It forms habits and habits do lead to success because you just do them… they should not feel like a chore or need willpower.
• Consistency builds routines and momentum. Sometimes getting started is the hard part, but making a commitment to yourself, making time and prioritising will make it easier.
So, if you are struggling with building consistency into your health then talk to me about how Health Coaching can help.