As we head into Christmas and the New Year, the inevitable question of ‘New Years Resolutions’ pops up!  These are ever more prevalent if Christmas has been a particularly indulgent one.  But, do you see NY resolutions as a treat for yourself or a chore that you need to do and therefore require lots of willpower to achieve?  If the answer is yes then why not switch it up a bit?  Kicking off the NY with something that feels like hard work or giving up the things you like is a pretty depressing way to start a new year so I challenge you to look at it differently.  Making the same promises shows that you want something that’s going to change your life in some way (make you feel better, get fitter, etc) so way not focus on the outcome that feeling gives you rather than simply looking for the magic solution that promises you that.  For example, if you want the get fitter – why, what changes if you are fitter?  Once you can answer that, start small and think about what little things you can start doing (even if its once/ twice a week) to move you towards that – give yourself the treat of fitness!

My client wanted to lose weight and had tried numerous diets before and always stopped a few months in and then went back to old habits – over the years his weight (despite being on every diet ever created) has steadily increased.  All he was focused on was what he had to lose and ‘give up’ – we focused on what losing weight would give him (more energy, feeling better about himself, having the motivation to get fit, amongst other things)… we then started to build in the things he would like and could add-in that would move him towards that feeling.  A few weeks on and some new habits formed (that require no willpower) meant that he had started to lose weight steadily and started to feel those things he craved.

It’s possible!  So, before you start the same NY resolutions think about the outcome and the good thing it gives you and builds towards that…. and of course if you are still struggling then contact me for a chat.