Consistency is King!

Making change can be hard sometimes – life just gets in the way of what you want to do – or other more important things take priority. I find, with my coaching clients that if we can work towards consistently achieving – even if it’s the smallest thing, then that...

Self care for mental health

Mental health is a complex subject however self care can have such a positive impact on our mental resilience and wellness. As a Health Coach, my role is all about working with clients so that they find their path to good health, take control and become the expert in...

Perks of being a coach!

Working on your birthday does have its advantages when one of your clients MMoser (favorite client) buy you a lovely chocolate cake and sing happy birthday after a successful team coaching session. Thank you.

Getting your head around mindfulness when it comes to food!

There’s a massive movement in ‘mindfulness’ at the moment, from colouring books, techniques and meditation to cleaning! So, why not eating?  I think mindful eating is a pretty powerful thing.  So many people who struggle to control their weight or make...

Simple tips for keeping those health resolutions

How are those New Years resolutions going? If you made any, you are probably in one of three camps: Off and running - enjoy the changes you are making and seeing the benefits;Wavering or not quite got going - wondering why you made those resolutions in the first...

Simple tips for optimum energy

Many people struggle to get going in the morning or have dips in energy the afternoon.  If that’s you then what and when you eat can have an amazing effect on your energy levels. If sustaining good energy levels through the day eludes you, and you suffer from extreme...

Stop thinking about dieting

I find the whole diet industry puzzling.  Largely it focuses the mind on restriction, which is counter to my position of what to include.  Diets work for many people but ultimately do you want to be on a restrictive diet all your life? Healthy diet – YES! We are all...

Get the excuses out of your way

Excuse 1: I don’t have enough time You have all the time you need. It’s never a time issue, it’s a priority issue. Each of us has the same amount of time as the person who accomplishes all the things we want, they just make the time available. Excuse 2: Its easier for...

Christmas is coming… Don’t let it derail you!

If your on a health kick, Christmas may fill you with dread. All that food and drink to navigate, and let's face it you want to enjoy yourself. On many occasions what's on offer my also be out of your hands. So, some practical tips to ensure you enjoy yourself without...

Just breathe

Ok, so bear with me on this one.... I often focus largely on what we eat and exercise, but actually health and wellness is more than that. How we eat has a massive impact on our ability to process and use the food we consume and the stress carried in the body also...

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